What's Up!!!

This little blog baby of mine, is gonna be all things real, raw, wackadoodle, crazy Meags.  I have zero idea where this is going to head yet, but I do know that I have always loved pouring my heart out onto paper.  Thing is, paper is so NOT enviro friendly.  So read the blog, then hug a tree!  Stay tuned for some epically cool shit...cause I got a SHIT ton planned...Oh and super serious warning before entering...I swear like a MF'ing trucker...if the word fuck doesn't appeal to you as one of the greatest forms of emphasis EVER, you might want to head down a different blog road, cause I don't ever want to offend 😉


The Blog Spot

Check out all things life, love, kids...this is the spot where I keep it real with everyone....WARNING....there's aboat load of F Bombs inside!!!!

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Hair Gallery

Every before and after, every product shout out, and anything else pertianing to the beauty industry!!!

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