Vision, clarity, freedom

So today I am stuck in bed because I hurt my knee and can’t walk. As I’m stuck in bed reading, learning, networking, and growing I started thinking about visions, mission statements and goal creating. I have a very clear vision in my head of the people I want to work with, what I want for people and I have the what and the how to achieve it, but I thought I should really write it out!!! So today I share with you the Dream Team job description, & vision!!!!
My vision is to join hands with individuals who can see outside the box, those who don’t fear different. People who’s dreams are HUGE, and those who know the WILL reach them! This team of champions will posses a positive attitude, they will take the lead, and motivate others to do the same. These people will have unwavering belief in themselves and our cause! People who are capable of weathering any storm and any obstacle. Finally these visionaries of a brighter future shall be FUN!!! They will know how to live a life of their dreams and be willing to do the work needed to achieve it!
Personalities/Qualities required:
-no fear
-dreamers (BIG ONES)
-positive attitude
-unwavering belief
-inner strength
We want to challenge you to think outside the traditional box. Forget what you have been taught about the cycle of post-secondary education, debt, debt, 9-5 grind, overtime, overtime, living for Friday & dreading Monday. There is more to life, and there is something bigger. We have a vision to free people from the vicious work cycle. We want to show you a way to reach the dreams you never thought were possible. We want to show you how to NEVER stop dreaming and achieving. Finally we want to assist you in freeing yourself from the pain of stress, debt, physical burdens & living someone else’s dream. The time is now to take charge of YOUR LIFE, and your health! There is something so much bigger than the work, eat, sleep, repeat cycle.
Email me today if this is you and something you can stand behind!!!


Dream Team Moments

This past week brought so much celebration to my Dream Team, rank advancements and bonuses coming out the ying yang.  I had the opportunity to be with most of my Dream Team this past Saturday at an event in Toronto.  My Dream Team just makes my heart happy.  I love hanging out with this group of ragamuffins, they are some of the coolest, fun loving people I have in my life.  I am one blessed girl to have come across every single one of them.  They touch my life everyday.  I wanted to share a few photos from our amazing day on Saturday.