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I am a 33 year old mother to 2 gorgeous boys and  2 crazy dogs!  I started this blog so that I could help and inspire people who are just like I was.

About 2 years I was at a low point in my life.  I looked in the mirror one day and thought “what am I doing with my life? How did I get here?  and who is that in the mirror?”.  I was about 40 pounds overweight, I was tired ALL the time, I drank too much, I smoked a pack day and just looked generally unwell.  So that day I looked in the mirror and said “Self….You have dark circles under your eyes, you have a very round middle and a double chin, alcohol is giving you pimples like a 12 year old, and your smoking is making you sound like a 90 year old.  This is all a bad mix, especially because you are only 31.  That’s enough!!!!! I don’t want to feel like this anymore, and you shouldn’t either Self!”  That was the day I started to make changes in my life.  Those changes were hard, they still are hard some days, but everyday is just a little bit easier.  I have become so passionate about sharing my story and helping others with their health and well being so that is the whole basis of this little blog of mine! I want to share crazy stories about my kids, and dogs.  I want to share recipes, even the ones that don’t work out for me.  I want to share workouts, and I want to inspire others to take control of their health and their future!!

This blog is literally going to be a huge mash up of our day to day life.  I’m a self employed hairstylist, nutritional cleanse coach, mom, healthy, crunchy granola, wanna be hippie (not really though lol)!  If there is anything you want to see here at all let me know and I’ll do my best to give you the info I know, or find. Don’t be shy!!!



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Mother, Entrepreneur, World Changer, Lover, Tree Hugging Hippie