Finding you…

Happy new week beautiful peeps!!!! I hope you’re all living your greatest days and being positive and happy!

I figured I would take a step away from dwelling in my madness of life and writing about the insanity of my situation to just really talk about YOU!  Yes, you!

How are you taking care of yourself right now? Are you making sure your cup is always full?  Are you looking and feeling your best?

On this journey of finding my happy, I have read so many amazing books and attended so many personal development courses.  They have all helped me in finding who I really am.  What I really like, and where I really want to be in my life.  I figured I could share just some of what I have learned, to help you find your happy!!

Lesson #1.  Love Yourself.

Whatever that means for you.  What do you daily to really show yourself that you love YOU?  For me it is putting on a nice outfit, slapping on some makeup, and just feeling good about me.  I have started taking 30 minutes per night to read, because I absolutely love to get lost in a good book.  A nice hot bath and a glass of wine is a MUST too.  Writing this blog has also become a way I show myself I really love myself.

Lesson #2.  Love your Tribe.

We all have that tight knit group of family and friends that have our backs no matter what the situation is.  Love on them, tell them you appreciate them, spend time with them.  Loving your tribe of peeps is good for your soul.

Lesson #3.  Take the Action steps to move forward.

You can talk a big talk and you can say all the things you’re going to do to live your best life, but if you don’t DO them you’re never getting anywhere in your life.  No matter what the action is, just do it.  I have been tasked by a coach I hired to just take action steps in 4 areas everyday.  Self, Business, Family, Home.  It is amazing how good a person can feel if they just take the steps in these 4 areas.  Grab a journal and write out how you are taking steps everyday.  Keep a log and look back on it at the end of the week.  It feels so great!

Lesson #4.  Be gentle and kind to yourself.

Cut out all of the negative bullshit from your vocabulary and your mind.  You need to find peace within yourself.  Tell yourself every day that you are amazing, you are good enough, and you are worth it.  The more positive we tell ourselves the less bullshit gets in.  Ain’t nobody got time for beating themselves up constantly.  You certainly don’t have time to let others put you down and make you feel less than either.  Others opinions of your character are only a reflection of the bad they see in themselves.  Come on over to the light side and love on yourself.

Lesson #5.  HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Please have fun in life! Laugh, go out, be around people, go on adventures…LIVE!  Laughter is the greatest medicine in the world and it is FREE people!!!  One minute of laughter, for me, cures 100 hours that I spent crying.  We need to stop dreaming of life while laying on the couch.  We have to go out and live it!  Step outside and soak up the sun and just do something FUN!

The last 4 months have, at times, felt like 4 years.  They have been exhausting, time and mind consuming, heartbreaking, earth shattering and downright sad.  These 5 lessons are making life just a little easier for me though.  I’ve always known these lessons, I’ve always had them inside of me.  I just had to find them, and start using them again.

Search your soul today for the things you need and want to be the best version of you there is.  This is your life!  It’s time to live it!



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