Life’s Little Lessons…

Someone asked me the other day what I have learned through this whole mess. Have I found myself? Have I really taken in the lessons that were brought to me? Have I learned anything yet?
I responded at first in anger with things like “yeah…I’ve learned to never trust anyone, love is just another 4 letter word that means jack shit, I’m actually an angry and bitter person, and life fucking sucks”. Then I slept on that question…and really thought about it…I have learned a lot. So the following are my lessons of love and marriage and life…
I have learned…
 ⁃ Your day to day actions are an extension of the love you have for your partner. Are you taking the right steps to show them?
 ⁃ asking for the things you need and want isn’t selfish, it doesn’t make you look weak, and no one will judge you if you need or want something if they really love you. It’s totally ok to let go and ask for help.
 ⁃ personal development books only work if you take action on what you’ve learned. 
 ⁃ I should have hired a cleaning lady years ago!!! Lol
 ⁃ You don’t have to wait for someone to ask for forgiveness to forgive them. Forgiveness can be truly selfish and for your own heart. It can be a process of letting go and healing. You don’t need permission to forgive someone.
 ⁃ not to take the most important people in my life for granted. They may not always be around, and we should treasure their existence every day.
 ⁃ embrace the things that drive you crazy. Those are the things that set us apart and make us unique. They may drive you crazy, but one day you may miss those crazy quirks.
 ⁃ compromise is ok. It’s ok to not get your own way all of the time. Bending on things for someone you love only shows how much you love them. 
 ⁃ show appreciation for everything!!!! Even when he puts the toilet seat down. Lol
 ⁃ always, ALWAYS speak what is in your heart and your mind. Do not keep things locked away and try to fix them on your own.
 ⁃ think before you react!!! Are you reacting with your emotions? Or are you reacting with your values, morals and beliefs?
 ⁃ Keep dreaming! Dream about the future, talk about the future, share what you see in your future.
 ⁃ when you break someone, fix them. Apologize, mean it, and learn from it.
 ⁃ listen….and when I say listen, I mean really hear them. Hear what they are saying, process it, and figure out how you can help them. What is your part in what they are saying they need or want?
 ⁃ put your phone down and LIVE!!!! Texts, emails and status updates can WAIT! Life is in front of you, go on adventures, walk, talk, learn and just live!
 ⁃ don’t go to bed upset. Speak your heart, let it out and move on.
 ⁃ always, always hug and kiss the ones you love. Every morning and every night.
 ⁃ learn from your mistakes instead of making them over and over and over again.
 ⁃ don’t let the honeymoon phase end, ever! Love notes, flowers, and little presents from the heart mean the world to the ones you love.
 ⁃ love yourself enough to love others.
 ⁃ never forget your worth, never forget your value, never loose yourself.  
I am positive there will be so many other lessons to come out of this. I am ready for all of them, and I will learn them and apply them to my new life. Whatever path I head down, I will head down it with a fire in my soul, and a whole lotta love in my heart. 

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