Being Silly Makes the Day Better

I just wanted to write today about how my morning went.  So most mornings I’m up before the crack of dawn to make lunches for the kids, get the dogs out for a run, enjoy some peaceful meditation and sip on a coffee before the kids wake up!  Today was just like all the rest with that standard routine, except I started to feel really silly as I got in the car to take my 9 year old to school.  It started with waving like a maniac and making silly faces at my friend as we drove away.  While driving, my absolute favourite song (right now) Happy by Pharrell Williams, came on the radio, this just added to my silliness as I belted it out with my son.  We pulled into the parking lot and he wanted to listen to his favourite song, what happened next changed the entire course of how my day was going to be.  We started a car dance party.  Singing, dancing, playing the air saxophone all the while other parents dropping their kids off are looking at us with strange expressions on their faces.  It got me thinking about being silly, and happy, and content, and also not being afraid to be a little weird and have people stare at you.  I’m sure this dance party set the tone for my son to have the best possible day today, I know I am having an AWESOME day.  The silliness has continued with me and my excitement and silliness is infecting everyone around me.  So if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, or if someone cut you off on your way to work, you hit every red light, you spilt your precious coffee, whatever may have happened here’s what you need to do.  STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW, turn up the music and dance your little heart out!! Dance all those negative, crappy, angry, frustrated feelings right out of your body!!!!  You’ll feel better, I know you will….I leave you with 24 hours of Happy to get you moving and get you smiling today! 🙂

24 Hours Of Happy

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